Professor Alemão

batizado 2010
batizado 2010

Alemão has more than 30 years of of experience in Martial Arts, 20 years of Capoeira pactise, and more than 15 years as Martial Arts teaching.

He is considered a highly competent and enthusiastic teacher with a proven ability to help people achieve their personal aims. Gifted with a successful social empathy which helps understand students needs and develop not only an achievable workout routine but also build social and relational skills.

He is one of the most active member of  the Capoeira’s  associations il Nagual .
He was founder and president of Arte Viva, a hybrid cultural and Sports centre. He set up various Arte Viva courses: Capoeira, Systema, Italian Martial Art, Wing Tsun, Sanda, Kali, Functional training, Brazilian percussions, Brazilian language.
Arte Viva is the first assosiation in Italy who made recognize Capoeira as an holistic discipline from a CONY (Italian Olympic Commitee) recognized body.

batizado 2009
batizado 2009

He co-organized 18 international Batizados (Capoeira meeting) in Perugia (Italy).

In Terni (Italy) he organized 8 international Batizados , various cultural manifestations, Systema Workshops, Italian Martial Art workshop and and a Knife fencing tournament.
He founded the Systema Academy too.


batizado 2002 2004
batizado 2002

Clubs he teached
Clubs where he taught for at least more than six months

Terni District – Region Umbria (Italy)

  • Centro Arte Viva Terni
  •  Piscine dello Stadio s.r.l. , Terni
  •  Emotion 110 s.rl, Terni
  •  Centro.Co-Creazione , Acquasparta

Perugia District – Region Umbria ( Italy)

  •  Academia de Capoeira Coquinho Baiano, Perugia
  • Panda Club, Foligno
  • Danza Arte, Foligno
  • Palestra parrocchiale Monteluce, Perugia

Rieti District– Region Lazio ( Italy)

  •  Palestra Kodokan, Rieti

Arezzo District– Region Toscana ( Italy)

  • Palestra Alter Ego, Sansepolcro

Contact us: 0772 9202210

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